A tool to detect minority variants in HIV-1 and HCV populations

What is MinVar?

A command-line tool to discover drug resistance mutations in HIV-1 and HCV populations using deep sequencing data. Developed at IMV, UniZurich.


The report for HIV-1 includes resistance information to antiviral drugs as predicted by HIVDB.

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HCV report includes estimate of the genotype and the list of resistance associated substitutions (RAS) with frequency.

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Designed for clinicians

Only one input file in FASTQ format is required, no need to set parameters. The final output is a PDF report with annotated mutations.


On an extensive set of control experiments, MinVar reliably called variants down to 5%. In the paper we recommend and motivate this as an accurate detection threshold.


Run time is in the order of a few minutes per sample; negligible compared to the overall experiment.


MinVar was successfully tested with reads from Illumina MiSeq and Roche/454 sequencing platforms. (HCV was tested with Illumina only).


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